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Our minutes are available in the kithen folders.

Agenda for the residence meeting Monday 10th December

Agenda for the residence meeting Monday 10th December

1. Formalities
a. Election of:
i. Conductor
ii. Minute taker
iii. Vote counters
2. Approval of revised House rules
(Appendix at following link http://øk.se/2q or under minutes on the homepage)
3. Elections for:
a. The board
i. One member for two years
ii. One member for one year
iii. One substitute for two years
iv. One substitute for one year

Agenda for the general assembly Fall 2012

The agenda for the general assembly fall 2012 is now available under Minutes or here: http://vkr.dk/sites/default/files/minutes/Agenda%20for%20the%20general%2...

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Annual Report 2011-2012

The annual report for 2011-2012 is now available. Find it under the Minutes or here: http://vkr.dk/sites/default/files/minutes/R2011-12%20VKR%20T+T.pdf

General Assembly 12th of November

Dear residents,

It is soon time for our biannual general assembly, which is going to be held the 12th of November. We would like to see as many people as possible present for the assembly, so please mark this date in your calendar. More details will follow about the agenda of the general assembly and when what time it will be held.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/233582200104542

Fire inspection

Dear residents,

On Monday (October 1st) the dorm will be inspected by the fire department to see if the place if safe in case of fire. We have certain rules here and we need to show that we can respect them. These rules include keeping the hallways clean from everything that does not belong there, that’ll be laundry, shoes, doormats, or approximately everything.

Study activity survey

Dear residents,

the Review Board is currently carrying out a study activity survey. This year VKR is a test dorm for a new kind of survey, which is sent by mail instead of distributed in the mail boxes as usual.

Hence you have to check your VKR email address, if you have problems with it or if you do not have one, contact the netgrup at netgrpnull@vkrnull.dk.

Fire alarm problems

Attention residents. After the lighting stroke down near the dormitory this evening, we are experiencing troubles with the fire alarm system. Due to the events a group of smoke detectors has been disabled on the fire alarm system. We suspect it is Block B.

We would like to ask all residents to be extra cautious and if you suspect any fires, please do not be afraid to use the fire call points found at the ends in the hallways.
We will have a technician to come and look at the system as fast as possible.

Network maintenance 2012-04-15T12:00+02/2012-04-15T20:00+02

Dear residents,

The network group will do some maintenance 2012-04-15T12:00+02/2012-04-15T20:00+02, the systems that are going to be affected will be the mail services at the dormitory, where we are going to migrate to Google Apps. This will also mean that we will discontinue giving you vkr.dk e-mail addresses and from now on will use your private e-mails for important messages.

Therefore we ask you to send us an e-mail to netgrp@vkr.dk with your name and e-mail address that you wish to receive e-mails from the Inspectors' office, the counsel and the other active groups at VKR.

Missing lights in the hallways and stair towers

As some of you may have already noticed there are no lights in the hallways and stair towers. This will not be fixed until the cleaning of the stair towers has finished, since cleaning the towers tend to blow the fuses.

Though regrettable we hope people will take care and not get hurt in the next few days.

The Residents Council